“Throw kindness around like confetti!” -Anonymous



“They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul.  I believe this to be true.  One can smile and assure you all they please.  But the eyes, oh the eyes, will always tell the truth.”  -Shakespeare

 Have you ever looked into someone else’s eyes and just seen nothing?  I mean total emptiness.  That is exactly what I experienced today as I was leaving Wal-Mart.  There was a man walking in as I was walking out.  I looked up as I passed him and was just overwhelmed by what I saw in that split second.  In that little sliver of time I saw so much loneliness and emptiness.


Psalm 38:10:

My heart throbs; my strength fails me, and the light of my eyes—it also has gone from me.


If I had to explain why I feel I had so much insight into this random stranger’s feelings from one look, all I can say is I don’t know.  Sometimes you just get a feeling.  (Hopefully I am wrong, and was just having a crazy lady moment where I gaze into people’s eyes like a creeper.)



“If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how very different our ideals of beauty would be.”  -Anonymous

I think that is exactly what happened to me today.  I almost burst into tears walking across the parking lot.  I saw so much pain in just that one look.  I cried all the way home, thinking what could I have done.  I mean you can’t just walk up and hug someone you don’t even know on Wal-Mart parking lot.  That is exactly what I wanted to do though!

I think that God uses circumstances and instances to bring our attention to things around us.  For some reason He wanted me to see and feel the way I did today.  Maybe it was to write this blog for someone else to read.  I may never know the reason.  I don’t know when it happened, but somewhere along the way it became one of my greatest desires to serve those around me.  I’m not talking Cinderella serving where I spend all day mopping floors.  If I ever feel God calling me to clean a toilet, you will find me singing His praises while scrubbing.


“Always be kinder than you feel.” -Anonymous


I know that I’m always going on about how you should be kind to everyone you meet.  I try my best to practice what I preach, but sometimes a moment passes by so quickly you are left thinking, What could I have done?”  There is one thing I will be doing.  I’ll be praying for that man who I may never meet again.  I will hope that the emptiness I saw in those eyes was only in my imagination.    Do what ever you can to uplift those around you.  Don’t pass up a chance to do something you feel led to do, no matter how small.




You never know when a simple smile will make all the difference in a person’s life.   Let your light shine brightly for those whose light is burning low.


Deuteronomy 34:7

Moses was 120 years old when he died. His eye was undimmed, and his vigor unabated.




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