Tales of a Thursday afternoon disaster

The day was going pretty good, we had decided to work on the bedtime schedule and get the kids in their own beds and asleep by 9 pm.  Along came 9:05 and BOOM, it was like a magical unicorn blessed me with some kind of super power!  Both kids(SAY WHAT?) Yes both kids asleep by 9:05.  I crept out of the room and made a beeline for my bed.  I was laying there about 20 minutes or so when the crying started in the other room.  If I would stand in the doorway he’d close his eyes and sleep, but the moment I turned to walk away it was like a tiny banshee was living in our house.  Then finally, silence….

12:05 am- Here comes the cries from the other room again.  I jump up and go to the doorway.  I’m not kidding when I say I almost had a heart attack.  He was covered in red, which I immediately thought was blood.  About 5 seconds later when I heard the inhuman sounds coming from him, I realized he was just vomiting like the exorcist, no big deal.  I grabbed him and ran for the bathroom.  After a midnight bath, clean clothes, and a load of laundry we both made it to the couch.  Well I also had to shower after I got him settled, because I was covered in the vomit of Emily Rose.

So I’m pretty sure I slept maybe 30 minutes all night last night, but got up in time to get big sister to school, wash another load of bed clothes, and stop for sprite/pepto.  As I was leaving Walmart, I realized that my gallon of milk had busted in my cart.  Of course I’d already paid for it.  I returned the milk and headed for the car.  I thought ahh finally.  Now I’m in the car and I look in the mirror, I look more than  a little cray cray.  My hair is standing up because I ran out the door in a rush.  I didn’t even have time to change out of what I slept in.  I was contemplating how I literally had a 5 minute shower at 1 am and slept very little.  That’s when it hit me… I totally forgot to put on underwear with my shorts!


I shook it off and headed home, so Frankie could go to the doctor. Meanwhile Cam miraculously recovered and was running around the house like a chimpanzee that had escaped from the zoo.  Afterwards, I headed to target to pick up his medicine.  It was going to be awhile, so of course I took a trip through the clearance.  About 5 minutes later and on the other side of the store, I look down at my cart.  I hadn’t put a single thing in it yet, but somehow it looked like a family of five had been shopping for school clothes and I was paying.  I’m still not sure how I managed to get my cart swapped with someone elses.

Somehow, miracle of miracles, I sold some insurance today!  Although when I went to get the leftover pizza out for lunch, I looked everywhere too…  Frankie just smiled because he had eaten it all and put the empty bowl back in the fridge.  I almost punched him square in the throat, but he was already feeling bad so I gave him a pass for today.   5:00 pm, after working and trying to recover from the trauma of last night, I headed out to pick up the kids!  I got big sister first, she informed me that she forgot to put on deodorant today because she has, and I quote, a runny nose.  I don’t even understand what one has to do with the other but I who am I to argue with her logic?  I pushed a strangers cart around target while wearing no underwear today.(I did buy the cashier at target a cake pop though!)  I threw in the towel and we had, in the words of the three year old, “HO cones for dinner!”  We really did have dinner too, just had dessert first.  Homework is done with no tears.  Now off to bed!!! Wish me luck….






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